The three of us started dancing together in early 2004. Inspired by Michael Jackson and his music videos we practiced the few moves we saw. Because living in a small country like Norway also means a very small dance community with little growth and knowledge. So anything we could get from watching music videos was a very important asset to us.

After we began training with Dancing Youth who was one of the first hip hop group in the country we experimented a lot with what we have just learned.

We even started choreographing small showcases that we would show our friend and enter competitions with. We did not know that this was the beginning of our journey as Quick Crew.

In 2006 we entered competitions and represented ourselves under the name Quick Crew. This was at that time just a name that would give us hope that we would one day be famous. But honestly it was very hard to believe in something that big to begin with.

After 3 years of training as a group with no one but ourselves as our own teachers we won several competitions and proved ourselves that we were growing as dancers technically and creatively.

In 2009 we got enough self-esteem to enter a TV-show called Norwegians Got Talent. We didn’t enter with any other ideas than that we would win the competition. It was a very tough competition and we finally won. Being the winner of Norwegian got talent 2009 we ended up touring the country and signed a contract as artists with Sony Music. Even at that time we lost the only place we could train and faced a big problem. Then we rented a studio where we could practice. Later that year we started our own little school called Quickstyle Studio. Were people could come and learn our craft and learn what we have learned by going through what we went through and sharing our experience.

The same year we also started posting our rehearsal videos up on YouTube, which was a newfound platform for us at that time. We did it to show ourselves to people who haven’t seen us or didn’t know about us. This eventually ended up being the key to us sharing our craft with not only the few people in Norway we were aiming at, but the whole world.

Viewers from different countries slowly acknowledged us, which was a very big event for us. In 2010 we got contacted to teach classes in Spain. That was the first time we would travel out of Norway to teach. 4 years later we have been teaching at most of the big camps in Europe and touring in Us, Japan and most parts of Europe.

Many people ask us what style we dance and teach. We would say Quickstyle. Our style got its inspiration from some elements of Hip Hop, but we don’t claim to be hip-hop dancers. When we travel around the world to teach classes we don’t see ourselves as teachers, but more like fellow students who is sharing.
We believe in the freedom of creating art with what you know in all styles of dance and combine it with the music that we like and the visual movements that we feel suits us as a crew. That is why I also think that people can tell difference between us and other dancers easily. We grew this style that were doing together with thousands of hours in the studio.

Today we still teach classes and perform all over the world while we run our school with over 100 students and still work hard to become one of the best and most innovative dance crews in the world.