This was our first trip to Vietnam, and been looking forward to exploring the Non-La country (Strawhats)! We had much reason to visit Vietnam. Everything from growing up with Vietnamese friends, exploring the food in Oslo and information from Nasir's Grandma about how beautiful ladies, food and their culture are! 

Our days was inspiring in so many ways! Every day we learned something new and people were so amazing compared to other Asian countries! Of course, you have a good and bad situation in every place you visit. But here you could feel the appreciation in everybody eyes. Maybe we just felt it allot, since we came with open mind and heart! 

People who took care of us made a day trip for us, to explore cultural places where we got to see old Islands, nature, lake, local people, Coconut Island, food, new fruits and a lot of other new feelings about Vietnamese people. We felt so inspired and filled up with humble energy. 

For us to meet new and different dance communities, is a beautiful view and experience. Specially in Vietnam, Because it's not as Los Angeles or Tokyo level, but still have that pure, honest and passionate feeling. you can feel that they give 100% in dance, events and good to support each other. It doesn't matter how good they are, but their passion for growth is very strong and that matter for us. We felt we could give them more than just a performance and a class. In our workshops, we give all our keys and give them our experience and look forward to coming back to see the change!

Enjoy our little-mixed of vegetable pictures, from our iPhones and Camera! (Click to Browse)