NEED MUSIC is a musical production management by artists. We are producers, musicians, DJs, writers and art directors with a wide network in Scandinavia. We design concepts and shows based on customer needs and work creatively to be innovative in every job we do. We plan each show down to every detail, and we do not rest until everyone smiles and moves their bodies. We have some of the finest DJs, musicians and art performers in Norway, and our vision is to consistently be at the forefront of music and performance art. We believe that the visual experience is just as important as the music itself, and we take pride in delivering both.


Sinostage is Chengdu’s premiere urban dance studio, offering classes in a wide variety of styles including hip-hop, jazz funk, contemporary, and more. Sinostage has daily classes taught by local and international teachers for students of all skill levels, from day-one beginners to professional performers. Sinostage serves as a bridge between the Chinese and international dance communities. We regularly host international choreographers in China, so that local students can have a chance to interact and study with the best dancers in the world. Master teachers who have taught at Sinostage include: Lyle Beniga, Shaun Evaristo, Koharu Sugawara, Yanis Marshall, The Kinjaz, The Quick Crew, Keoni and Mari, Jun Quemado, Jillian Meyers, Brian Puspos, Leah Kim, Bam Martin, Sorah Yang, Scott Forsyth, Chris Martin and many more. We host the annual Arena® urban dance competition in Chengdu, and the annual Arena® USA dance camp in LA, to Chinese dancers an opportunity to go abroad to study dance. Sinostage produces video content, merchandise, and live events for a variety of purposes, all reflecting our distinctive visual identity and reputation for quality. We are committed to providing a platform for aspiring artists to grow and share their talent. We believe that dance is for everybody, not just cool kids and professional dancers. In all of our work, we strive to spread positive energy and inspire people to express themselves in healthy and creative ways.

Sinostage has two studio locations in Chengdu, our original studio in Poly Center building A, unit 2115, and our new Sinostage x Quickstyle studio, located in the Yanlord Landmark shopping mall, unit 401. Come and visit us – your first class is free.