Quickstyle x Sinostage Opening Ceremony - Koharu Sugawara (Live performance)

This is the official opening of the new Quickstyle Studio in Chengdu, China. Together with Sinostage who already is a well established dance studio in Chengdu they decided to open up a space for people to express art. The new studio has its own café and a workspace and even their own music recording studio together with 4 different dance studios. It is placed on the 4th floor inside of Yanlord Mall which is in the very sentrum og Chengdu. This opening ceremony represents the variety art that we desire to create in our new studio with live performances from amazing artists such as Hifana (amazing music dj/vj duo from Japan), Koharu Sugawara (Artist/Dancer and performer from Japan), Toby Deedara (Dancer and performer from Norway) and the Sinostage Team (The dance group that represents Sinostage)