Quick Style Present: Eat Around The World. In the first episode, we visit KongBul restaurant in Bucheon City in South-Korea. It’s a great place and one of our favorite restaurants. You can be sure to leave with a full belly without emptying your wallet. So next time you’re feeling hungry, we recommend you to have a meal at KongBul. Warning: You will get hungry!!!
Kongbul (콩불, literally bulgogi, one of famous Korean traditional dishes, and bean sprouts) is a modern, creative Korean cuisine. It is a combination of bulgogi, bean sprouts, rice cake, vegetables, noodles, sausages, spicy sauce and etc. They are all roasted on a large grill pan altogether. This has been increasingly popular in South Korea, especially among teenagers, due to its low price and good quality of food. It is also famous for a variety of cheap delicious food and dessert.